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Club Improvement Matching Funds Campaign

We have raised over $136,000 for club improvements in just two months in phase 1 of our campaign and now a group of anonymous donors have issued an amazing challenge. They have pledged to match fifty percent (50%) of all donations made between now and the end of July up to a total of $65,000.

If we can raise $130,000 in new gifts and pledges by July 31, this group will match it with their $65,000, bringing our fundraising drive another $195,000 in addition to the money that has been raised to date. We will then be very close to our goal of $360,000. This challenge is for ALL new and additional donations or pledges, of ANY AMOUNT, made between now and July 31, 2021.

This website server has set a $1,500 system limit on any single donation using a credit card. If you are trying to maximize your rewards points, you may make multiple donations.


Any donation amount can be accepted by getting in touch with club treasurer, Bob Gelineau, phone 203-745-9999 or by mailing a check (payable to SCCC, Inc.) to the following address:

Sarasota County Croquet Club Inc., PMB 166

1435 E. Venice Ave., #104

Venice, FL 34292

For appreciated stock donations and IRAs, and QCDs, contact our financial advisor, Chris Barley, at 407-241-4254.


SCCC, Inc. is a 501(c)(3 ) non profit organization.


Please know we appreciate your support and generosity.

Progress: US$ 80,016.75 received toward our goal of US$ 130,000.00