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Please wear a mask at all times except when on court alone.

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Jackie and Fred Jones founded SCCC in 2000. Our club atmosphere—very friendly, very dedicated to croquet—is a tribute to them.

They built it, we came


SCCC has seen remarkable growth since its founding twenty years ago. 

Fred and Jackie Jones learned croquet in Rhode Island in the 1980s. In the 1990s, they began spending winters in Sarasota County, and they soon had two croquet courts operating at another location.

In 2000, they made an agreement with the county (Sarasota) and city (Venice) to develop croquet lawns in the Wellfield Park public recreation area on Pinebrook Road.

More recently, with the growth of the club, our size was doubled from three to six lawns. This provides ample space for our 200+ members to play year-round and to host regional and national tournaments.

Sadly, Fred Jones passed away in November 2019 after a happy day on the courts. He is missed every day. You can read an appreciation of his life here.