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Welcome to the Sarasota County Croquet Club (SCCC) website. The club was formed in 2000 and now has 200 members. The club has five regulation sized croquet courts, sometimes converted to ten ½ sized courts.

The SCCC is located in Venice Florida on property owned by the City of Venice and maintained by the Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Department. The SCCC is the largest public facility dedicated to croquet, in the United States.

How To Find Us

Our five regulation sized courts are located in Venice Florida at the intersection of Pinebrook Road (off Venice Ave.) and Lucaya Avenue in Wellfield Park, two miles South of the exit-195 (Laurel Road) on  I-75.  Click here for a map.

How To Get Involved & Free Instruction

Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, free instruction is offered at the courts in Venice, Florida.

Anyone interested may attend two of these clinics to learn about 6-wicket croquet. Wear sneakers or flat-soled shoes to protect the greens. White clothing is not required for these clinics. After the clinic you are invited to join the group for a very reasonable tasty lunch. At 1:00 the game of “Golf Croquet” is offered, which is a very social, simple version of croquet that anyone can play and enjoy. At 3:30 PM you are welcome to join the club for wine and cheese, courtside and socialize with the members.

If you become a member, in addition to the free beginner lessons on Tuesday, there are free advanced lessons, given by club members, on Friday at 10:00 AM, with structured singles Friday afternoon. Members also have access to the Club's equipment and courts any time they are not being used for scheduled events.

The club holds several USCA sanctioned invitational tournaments during the year, some of which draw people from all over the country.

The Tournament Committee schedules one club event each month in season such as singles and doubles 6 wicket, golf croquet club championships, handicap singles, hi-lo doubles etc. that are very popular with the membership.

Annual membership fee of $165 for individual and $310 for a couple, which includes membership in the United States Croquet Association.

Six Wicket Croquet

Six-wicket croquet is played on a very short grass “lawn” (like a golf putting green) 105 feet by 84 feet.  There are six wickets or hoops and one center stake. The game is played with 4 balls two of which are always partners.  Each ball gets a point for going thru each of 6 wickets (first in a clockwise manner and second in a counterclockwise manner) and one last point for hitting the stake.  The game is won by whomever scores 26 points first or has scored the most wickets at the end of a time limit, usually 60 to 90 minutes.  The various shots and game strategy needed are taught continuously in the weekly clinics.

For SCCC Schedule Click Here


For SCCC Schedule Click Here

Sarasota county Croquet Club

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