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Healthy Playing

Karen Weihs | Published on 10/26/2022
Healthy Protection By Karen Weihs
Croquet is in full swing and you’ve likely been out in the sun way too much!

Because I’ve had melanoma, a quickly moving form of skin cancer, I see a dermatologist on a regular basis, and protecting my skin from the sun is often on my mind. If you’re out in the fresh air and heat, chances are you’re spending hours at a time outside doing everything from unloading your gear, walking and loading up. That can add up to a lot of time under the sun.

The thing I never realized is how deadly skin cancer can be. I always used to think of it as just something they cut off your skin, till I met someone whose husband (a painter) died from skin cancer, even though he had been treating it. We have to be careful.

To help you stay protected from sun damage, consider these options from me and some others. 1. Sunblock on your face and any other exposed skin. My dermatologist recommends a 50 SPF. I tried a sunblock that was made for babies and it was so thick that