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Jackie Jones Honored with "The Jackie"

Published on 3/14/2021
The management committee of the US Croquet Association has just announced that its annual Grand Prix award for the woman who places highest in the year's 6-wicket tournaments has been named for Jackie Jones. 

Saying that the award may someday be referred to as the Jackie (like the Oscar or the Emmy), USCA president Sara Low writes—

The full name of the award is the Jackie Jones American 6 Wicket Female Grand Prix Award. USCA president Sara Low admits this is a "mouthful" but one that can be shortened to the Jackie or the Jackie Jones. 

Low goes on:

"For more than 10 years, Jackie held the highest Grand Prix points for a woman. On record, from 2008 through 2017, she also had the lowest handicap for a woman . . . 

"In 2017, the first year that we recognized a Female Grand Prix winner, Jackie took the honor. 

"It used to be that the few other champion women compared their results to Jackie's—always. Now we are seeing more women rise to the top, thank, in great part, to Jackie's motivation and encouragement."