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Five New SCCC Referees Certified by USCA

Published on 6/2/2020

Five New SCCC Referees Certified by USCA

Johnny Mitchell demonstrates a hampered shot—trying to hit blue cleanly without faulting or hitting yellow. Hans Peterson (crouching left) judges whether a fault is committed, while Jon Ayers and Tony Dos Santos look on.

Five new SCCC referees are (l-r):
Jon Ayers, Gene Raymond, Hans Peterson, John Goldener, and Webster Bull.

On Saturday, May 23, a small group of Corona-masked SCCC members gathered on court #2 to take a refereeing test from Johnny Mitchell, head of tournaments and clinics at the United States Croquet Association (USCA).

A National Referee and chairman of the USCA’s handicap committee (a post in which he succeeded our own Fred Jones), Mitchell set up two dozen on-court situations which, in a tournament, might call for a ruling from a referee.

Participants were asked to make the calls: Did that shot involve a “fault”? Is that ball “wired” from another? How do you mark balls in-bounds when more than one goes out? And so on.

Taking the test to qualify as first-time Club Referees were SCCC members Jon Ayers, Webster Bull, John Goldener, Hans Peterson, and Gene Raymond. The five already had passed a written test based on the official USCA rulebook.

Meanwhile, members Lee Anderson and Tony Dos Santos were recertified as Club Referees. Every three years, a referee must be recertified, or he/she may apply for a higher level of qualification as a Regional or a National Referee. Mitchell said that, at present, there are about twelve National Referees in the USCA.

SCCC board member and Club Referee Jim Coling coordinated the testing and Mitchell’s visit from USCA headquarters in West Palm Beach.

Club president Hans Peterson noted the importance of our club qualifying referees. He said, “It makes us better able to host tournaments. With six courts, we often need multiple referees ruling at any given time. Becoming a referee also improves the individual player’s game and strengthens our club from top to bottom.”